Have you had a long day at work? Looking for a fun, fresh environment to go to with a group of friends? Does the thought of space exploration and the universe intrigue you? Ximix Brewery could be your next favorite craft brewery if you answered yes to any of these questions. The space exploration themed brewery is located within two miles of the SpaceX machine shop on the northern edge of Gardena.

Ximix makes it easy for beer lovers to see what is available and to learn about their products through their Beer Gallery page on the company website. Here, customers will find pictures and information on the flavor profiles of each beer that the company has explored so far.

Ximix is aiming to build an adventurous line of signature craft beers by focusing on creating fruity IPAs that possess bold flavors. The brewery has also introduced interactive events such as trivia nights, accompanied by popular food trucks and pop ups.

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Frequently asked Questions:

Why Gardena?
The City was very welcoming and easy to work with in the entrance to the market. Additionally, the low costs were very attractive compared to the prices in other neighboring cities in the area. Having companies in aerospace nearby has been an attractive feature of the location as they aim to attract a niche market with its unique theme. The close-proximity to LAX and all of the major freeways helps to draw in customers that are headed home from work.

What does the future in Gardena look like for Ximix Brewery?
Ximix has experienced a bit of a slow start as it is the fourth brewery to open within the city of Gardena. However, the company is seeing growth each month and aiming to continuously attract new customers. The brewery hopes to continue to expand, building a reliable customer base as it aims to become a leading brewery in the area.

Where is Ximix Brewery located?
Ximix is conveniently located off of 139th street near its intersection with S Western Avenue. The brewery has a parking lot and additional free parking on the street which usually opens up after 5pm. The address is 13723 1/2 Harvard Place, Gardena, California 90249 USA.


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