Gardena has a strong history of being an innovation and manufacturing center. As the aerospace and Japanese automotive companies landed throughout the South Bay they pursued having facilities in Gardena due to the close proximity it created to the ports, airport, and other businesses that supported their industries.

While manufacturing and industrial uses are the major employers in the area, the manufacturing heritage is still evident today with the number of precision machining and plastic molding companies in the area.

It is the retained experience in servicing the aerospace, aviation, and automotive industries that will enable Gardena to adopt and leverage advanced manufacturing technology in the area.

We support bringing new manufacturing companies to Gardena. Through our partnerships with the LAEDC.

Success Stories in Manufacturing

Pulp Studio

Pulp Studio Glass produces glass with a variety of decorative and graphic interlayers, as well as a large selection of patterned glass and custom glass applications, for both interior and exterior installations. All of their glass is produced in Gardena and shipped from their facility after their internal inspection process.


Ark Lighting

Ark lighting is a manufacturer with a full line of Lighting Products. Although Ark started primarily as a Recessed Lighting & RLM (barn light) manufacturer, the catalog of products includes HID, Fluorescent, Induction, and LED Lighting for various applications such as Parking Lots, Sports Facilities, Street Lighting, Parks, Shopping Centers, & Industrial Warehouses. Gardena has provided Ark to continue its core goal of providing customers with access to an Expanded Inventory and its signature “Quick Turn Around” Service.


Brek Manufacturing

Brek Manufacturing has a 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility and has called Gardena home since 1970. Brek Manufacturing Company specializes in the manufacture of complex structural aircraft parts. Their product line consists of complex contoured surface parts that are common to the mold line of modern day aircraft. Their products are currently in service in a wide variety of commercial, strategic, and tactical military aircraft. Brek has also has assembly capabilities and a supply chain management team that offers a network of facilities and distribution options.


Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys is a global manufacturing company specializing in the highest quality car care chemicals, car wash accessories, buffing pads and machines. Over 40 years of research and development has established Chemical Guys as a worldwide leader in the detailing and car care industry.


The Boring Company

The Boring Company, founded by Elon Musk is a tunnel digging company sought out to create a large network of tunnels that would help alleviate congestion in any city. Previously based in Hawthorne, CA adjacent to SpaceX, the company outgrew the space and needed to expand. The Boring Company manufactures all of their concrete segments required to build tunnels across the United States.

Air Fayre

Air Fayre is changing the shape of the in-flight catering market with its unique, patented business model. Air Fayre serves some of the world’s leading airlines with a unique in-flight logistics approach that focuses on customer service excellence and delivery perfections.



Avcorp manufactures metallic and composite components for some of the world’s largest aircraft suppliers. They fabricate a wide range of components; from detailed metallic parts, to flat floor panels, to very large, complex-shaped composites structures. They have a proven track record of meeting challenging requirements, making use of their expertise, technologies and a robust global supply chain that provides their customers with best value solutions.



“We love working with Gardena because they believe in partnership above anything else.


G3 Urban Development


Hustler Casino
“The City of Gardena has been so responsive, helpful, and supportive with everything we do. They are true partners.
“Gardena is a clear leader. We were able to get everything we wanted, such as the space, location, and workforce needed to succeed.


Southwest Offset Printing


MOP Consulting Group
“Gardena is home, we love it here and aren’t going anywhere.


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