Gardena Nissan has been a family-owned and operated business since 1969. The dealership offers customers the car services and resources that are necessary to purchase, maintain, and even sell cars. By offering various financing options for the services they provide, Gardena Nissan helps to make their products accessible to more consumers.

The company’s accommodating business practices have resulted in the development of a highly loyal customer base. Through years of business, the company has established a deeply-rooted trust with its customers who choose year after year to return for any car maintenance or servicing that is needed.

Since the company was repurchased in 2001, a lot of growth has taken place. The number of employees working at Gardena Nissan has more than doubled in 18 years. The loyal customer base has allowed the company to continue to experience sustained growth over the years. The establishment of a positive image throughout the community has resulted in additional business through referrals and word of mouth.

Having been in the city for over 30 years has allowed a strong relationship to be formed between Gardena Nissan and City Officials.

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Frequently asked questions about Gardena Nissan:

Why Gardena?
Gardena was the first runner up in the “friendliest city to do business with in L.A. County” and the management at Gardena Nissan feels strongly that the city officials have been a great resource to advance business performance.

What are the customers in Gardena like?
The community is filled with many loyal and friendly customers, creating a highly business-friendly environment. This trust, and the establishment of a good reputation, has benefited the company by attracting new business and promoting retention of existing customers. The camaraderie between Gardena Nissan and the residents of Gardena is a result of many happy, returning customers, which has fueled the growth of the business.

Where is Gardena Nissan located?
Gardena Nissan is located in the heart of Gardena at 1670 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena, CA 90247.


“We have enjoyed an excellent relationship for over 20 years with the City of Gardena’s Economic Development Department. Their team of professionals have provided us with attentiveness, resources and are always available to help facilitate developments on our end.”


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“The City of Gardena views themselves as “partners” in creating what’s best for the City. They work hand in hand with the developer to insure the City gets the best possible project for their citizens.”


G3 Urban
“The City Government has always been receptive to our business’s needs. The City offers incentives, an excellent quality-of-life for all its citizens and an attractive talent pool of people from diverse backgrounds.”


Gardena Nissan
"Gardena is a clear leader in the South Bay. Since moving our business here, the City has maintained safe and clean neighborhoods for us to business in.”


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“Gardena is a vibrant place to do business and is a great place to live and call home. It is a great city with a solid pro-business government and a great well tenured City council.”


MOP Consulting
“The City of Gardena is an outstanding place for a business to grow. The business-friendly environment, experience amongst the Economic Development team and key location are excellent reasons why businesses continue to thrive here.”


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Contact the Gardena Economic Development Department at (310) 217-9533