Trusted by the most respected publications in the industry since 1986.

Walk into the Southwest Offset Printing and you’ll come across a 200,000 square foot facility that houses a 48-unit Goss Mercury Press, a 48-unit DGM 430 press, and two GMA inserting machines all required equipment to help Southwest Offset and their staff of 360 employees conceptualize, design, and print magazines, newspapers, advertisements, brochures – just about anything.

Known for their quality, speed, and customer service, they have built a sterling reputation in the commercial printing industry by exceeding their clients’ expectations, one job at a time, for over 25 years. Over the last 5 years, they’ve made major strategic investments in state-of-the-art machinery, and they will continue to invest in their company to ensure that their customers receive the best possible product, on time, without fail.


Southwest Offset prints some of the biggest name publications in the industry. Some of their clients include: The New York Times, USA Today, The Beach Reporter, The Hollywood Reporter, LOCALE, and Distinctive Homes Magazine.

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Frequently asked questions about Southwest Printing:

Is Southwest Offset an environmentally friendly company?
Yes! As an environmentally-friendly printing company, they have implemented a number of progressive, green programs and policies designed to reduce waste, minimize VOC’s, and increase energy efficiency. In addition, Southwest Offset Printing has obtained an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification.

Why Gardena?
Southwest Offset needed to relocate from South Central LA as the business grew. Gardena met their need for future growth and provided logistical infrastructure needed for operations. Gardena has provided a high-quality environment for their business. A solid business friendly government that partners with their growth strategy.

 What advice would you give businesses looking to relocate to Gardena?If looking for a high-quality business environment that partners well with the business community, Gardena should be your choice.

 Where is Southwest Offset Printing located?
Southwest Offset Printing is a Gardena-based, family-owned and operated company. You can visit their corporate office at 13650 Gramercy Pl, Gardena, CA 90249.


“We have enjoyed an excellent relationship for over 20 years with the City of Gardena’s Economic Development Department. Their team of professionals have provided us with attentiveness, resources and are always available to help facilitate developments on our end.”


Hustler Casino
“The City of Gardena views themselves as “partners” in creating what’s best for the City. They work hand in hand with the developer to insure the City gets the best possible project for their citizens.”


G3 Urban
“The City Government has always been receptive to our business’s needs. The City offers incentives, an excellent quality-of-life for all its citizens and an attractive talent pool of people from diverse backgrounds.”


Gardena Nissan
"Gardena is a clear leader in the South Bay. Since moving our business here, the City has maintained safe and clean neighborhoods for us to business in.”


Southwest Offset Printing
“Gardena is a vibrant place to do business and is a great place to live and call home. It is a great city with a solid pro-business government and a great well tenured City council.”


MOP Consulting
“The City of Gardena is an outstanding place for a business to grow. The business-friendly environment, experience amongst the Economic Development team and key location are excellent reasons why businesses continue to thrive here.”


Keller Williams


Contact the Gardena Economic Development Department at (310) 217-9533